Origin in the Shed!

Sadly, I have no photos of the evening at the moment, but last Wednesday night saw the second State of Origin game telecast in the Shed. Some of the re-organization of the Shed over recent months has been to make more room. The extra room is useful for larger projects, it allows storage of project parts, and it helps make a nicer space to hang out in.

origin readyThe old lounges (from the side of the road) are on castors to facilitate ease of movement, so that they can be easily pushed to one side when not required. I will continue to remove excess junk from the Shed over the next few months.

Anyway, back to the Origin… it was good to see us break the eight year drought! The fire was lovely and warm, and the snags were hot and the beer cold!

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Clubman style handlebars for the Sportster

I am still trying to work out what exact look I am going for with the Sportster. I love Cafe Racers and the riding position more than I like cruisers, and so I decided to swap the handlebars. This is what it looks like now.

wallpaper shed 1 smallI love the new riding position. The riding position is very similar to the GB400, though the Sportster feels (and is!) heavier. Now I need to think through the seat again. I have started making a cafe style seat with a bump… but that will be in a future post!

origin ready

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How to make a solo seat for a Harley Sportster!

So, I thought I would try and make a solo seat for the Sportster. It did not turn out exactly the way I would have liked, but I guess that this is how you learn!

1 – I started with a sheet of metal from the side of the road! I tried a few different designs and this is the one I came up with. I would do it a bit differently next time… I cut it out using my jigsaw with a metal blade. I then used the bench grinder to makes it a bit more pretty.

solo 12 – I then welded a piece of flat steel from the side of the road to create the mount for the front and to add some extra support to the seat pan.

solo 23 – I then bent the back part of the seat pan over a large metal pipe. It probably needed some heat to make it nicer, but by the time it is upholstered you will not notice.

solo 3solo 44 – I then made some supports to support the rear of the seat. They are located close to the middle so they support most of the riders weight. With the front mount located I used blocks of wood under the pan to raise it to the desired height. I could then work out the length of my supports.

solo 55 – I spent some time prepping it for paint and testing it. Just as a metal pan it was hard to know what it would look like once upholstered. Riding on it was not that comfortable. You tend to slide around on a metal pan, and the engine vibrations are quite significant coming through your butt. I guess it takes the focus off the engine vibrations coming through your hands!

solo 7solo 86 – Finally, after painting I went and found a black leather lounge on the side of the road and stole a cushion cover. I now wish I had grabbed all of them as I realised when I started working with the leather that it was very good quality in very good condition. Bits of leather for seats are always handy to have around! I also had some foam from the side of the road which I used a single layer of. I am wondering if I should have used two layers.

solo 10

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Update from the Shed…

I recently made an addition to the Shed. The 1987 Sportster…

cb and rosie 1IMG_3668Recent things to be happening in the Shed have included getting rid of a lot of stuff. I have said this the last few times I have updated, but it is starting to make a real difference to the inside of the Shed. Things are getting more organised and it is so much easier to find things!

I am hoping that Shed nights will start up again soon. I have had the odd unofficial evening with a mate, relaxing with the fire. In the meantime, I will continue to organise. I did make a solo seat for the Sportster which I might post about soonish!

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Throttle Roll 2014

street view

Last weekend saw the second annual Throttle Roll held at The Vic in Enmore. I must confess that although I was there, I got there in a car. I also left in a car. Everywhere I looked were great modified, custom bikes.

honda twinyamahaOne of the encouraging things I noticed as I wandered up and down the street was the number of Harley Sportsters that were present. I like Sportsters and think they have a lot of potential as Cafe Racers…

green sportstersportster cafeI am hoping to visit next year, though hopefully not in a car.

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Still Here (Post #100!!)

Apologies for being so slack with the blog. I have been busy in and out of the Shed. The Shed has had some big improvements which I hope to detail soon. In the mean time, here are a couple of pics of a shed of my mate Bruce from Gilgandra. I have shown pics from his Sheds before, but this one I photographed for the first time in January 2014. If has been made from old tar barrels that were flattened out. Enjoy!

Tar tin Shed 1 smallTar tin Shed 2 small

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Shed Night #22

Last Friday Shed Night #22 came and went quietly. Not a lot happened, thought we did eat well and spend some time chatting, which is always great!

I was able to pick up a future project for Shed Nights.

good sideIt is a 1981 SR250. What you see is what you get, though it is mainly just the seat and side covers that is missing… if you do not count the bits that were damaged by fire, as can be seen on the pic of the bad side!

bad sideThe Yamaha SR’s are great for making little cafe racers, and as this involves stripping a lot of unwanted bits off the bike, this is a perfect donor bike. The fire was not caused by the bike. I am told she ran fine beforehand. There will be a need to do a lot of stripping, polishing, painting, but this should suit Shed Nights!

Thanks to Jason who was generous in letting the bike go at a good price. We hope to have him drop by to see the progress!

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Shed Night #21

This Friday will be our 21st Shed night. The usual fun is planned. Things have been a bit slow in the Shed in recent times. It will be good to get back in there and have a yarn while getting some things done!

orchard shed back

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Shed Night #20 – The Wrap Up!

Friday night just gone was our 20th Shed Night. Wow! And the Shed looked so tidy!

shed 1We had a good roll up, kicked off with the usual bbq dinner and beer tasting. We admired the Shed. Did I mention I tidied it?

Shed 3We had a brief chat about what the plan was with projects. In tidying out the Shed I realised I had some projects that we could do on Shed Nights to sell on Ebay. We will look at putting the funds from these projects into a single bigger project (e.g. motorbike resto) to sell for charity.

Shed 2We then got started with fixing up one lawnmower and stripping down the old dragster frame with the mower engine in it. The plan is to paint it up and get it ready to sell. Will it ever run? Let’s take it one step at a time, ‘eh!

bike 1

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CB450 resto engine mounts and rear fender

Life has been busy in the Shed, but mainly with sorting, tidying, and throwing away piles and piles of junk. Photos will surface eventually of the new look Shed, but as of yet it does not feel finished enough to photograph. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

So, not much has happened on the CB450. I prepped engine mounts for paint and stripped an old alloy fender that I might use on the rear.

engine mountsstripping paint from guardguard mock up 2guard mock upThe next Shed night is on the 9th of August. Hopefully it will be an opportunity for people to bring something along to be fixed. We also have a couple of lawnmowers to fix and Ebay, and if time, there is the Go-kart!

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